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   Mahogany Masterpiece


Rosita, our once fabulous Hacker sportscar is on the market.  After fifteen years she is in need of a complete revarnish, some serious work on her trailer and a new or rebuilt engine!

Many years ago we got carried away with the fun of mahogany speedboat stewardship.  It was a blast but fortunes change and other things become more pressing.


Rosita is a fine example of wood epoxy construction using hoop marine plywood and book matched Brazillian Mahogany planking with a glass sheathed bottom.  She has oodles of chromework and custom made fittings.  She just needs a new lover.


Rosita's story can be viewed at under headings of Past Projects - Hacker and Articles - Mahogany Masterpiece.

A new boat would cost around $150K and Rosita is now offered for sale at the realistic price of less than $25K.

This is a bargain priced opportunity for an enthusiast to take on a project to experience the absolute thrill of driving a modern reproduction class mahogany runabout.



Call James Frecheville on 0412 979 824 to discuss the possibilities of reviving Rosita.